Get MTG Pairings for our FNM!

As Judges and Tournament Organizers, sometimes it’s hard to get everyone to stay calm and quiet while we read out the pairings for each round. A solution would be to print them out and place them somewhere everyone could see. The problem with this is twofold. First, this causes unnecessary agglomerations of people rushing to see who their next opponent is. Second, it’s just wasteful (who prints stuff nowadays, anyway?). The great thing is that our beloved Head Judge, Jan Jaap, found a service that solves this very problem. MTG Pairings is a web app you can access on your phone and will tell you not only your current round’s pairing but also tournament information such as standings and the list of players for the current AND past tournaments you’ve registered to. Amazing, right?

“But how do I use it?” you might ask. Well, here are some instructions!

Step 1

Go to on your smartphone.

This is the home screen. Look at the top left corner. Good. That’s where you tap first.

This is what the home screen looks like!
This is the home screen.

Step 2

Now that you’re seeing the login screen, type your DCI number and press “Log in.”

If you don’t have a DCI number yet, you can register and get it here, or we can give you a printed (ugh) card with a brand new one! Just make sure you activate it here after we’re done playing.

Do it now!
Type in your DCI number!

Step 3

Look! It’s your opponent’s name and the table where you’ll be slinging spells at each other! Now you can go find your table and start having fun.

Now cast some spells!
You’re all set!


Well, that was it. I can truly say that MTG Pairings has been a great addition to our FNM. No more Judges screaming the pairings out loud, no more people rushing to a single spot, and best of all no more wasted paper!

I hope you found this was informative. Also, let me know if you’ve used this app and what you think about it in the comments or, y’know, at FNM!